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Wanderlust: (n.) a strong and innate desire to travel and roam about


This is how I usually get this time of year.  It is easy to do. The weather is nice, school is coming to a close, and there is finally free time enough to go somewhere and explore.  Yes, the idea for this post came to me because of a pin from Pintrest, but I think it just made me really sit down and think about my trip this summer and how much this is something that I have always loved to do.

I have always loved to travel.  My family and I have been very blessed and we travel often.  This summer, however, I will be traveling alone. I will be studying abroad at the university in Valencia, Spain.  I will also be spending a week or two in Morocco.  I have never done anything like this.  This sounds corny and out of touch, but ever since I read Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert, I have wanted to do this.  I want to drop everything and just travel.  I want to meet people and learn their stories.  I want to eat so much that I have to buy new pants like she did when she was in Italy.  And I want to fall in love with a beautiful exotic man. And maybe ride an camel or pet an elephant.    

This summer I will be gone for about 7.5 weeks.  I wish I could stay for longer.  I might just like it so much that I never leave.  Romantic notions like these sweep me off my feet in the spring/summer time.  I love the weather, it makes me feel invincible. 

I like the word wanderlust because it so perfectly describes the desire to roam.  Not just because it combines wander and lust, but because it is two words that seemingly do not go together.  I often think of roaming as something that you just do.  There is no planning or premeditation, just wandering.  To me wanderlust is the desire to travel and that takes an immense amount of planning.  But there is something freeing about just going, just packing up and leaving, even if just for a little while. 


The lust part of the word makes me think twice.  I have always heard lust in a dirty context, but here I think it is something almost pure.  It makes it seem like there is something inside you, pulling you to travel.  I suppose this is what happens when you lust after someone, you are inexplicably drawn to them, but this is more romantic than that.  There is more to this desire than to just throw it over your shoulder and toss it down on your bed. 

The word is so beautiful and often when spoken sounds like wonderlust.  I think the two words are similar, you cannot really have wanderlust without wonderlust. How would you know that you want to roam and wander if you were not wondering about what you would find when wandering? (try to say that 5 times fast.) 


Writing Prompt of the Day: born to be with you


I saw this prompt as I was scrolling through WordPress.  I love the idea of writing something everyday, but I never know what to say.  Today I am going to write about my person, my other half, my best friend. 

He is younger than me, but that is okay.  We have never had a problem and we have been at each others sides through it all.  17 years of being best friends and he has never once left my side. 

I love him so much and he is the only one that I’ve got.  Two and a half years does not seem like much but factor in that I now live 4 states away and he is still in high school and it seems like we were never really that close. 

He is my date to movies and dinners, even when he has a girlfriend (which is always by the way).  He’s a serial dater and never goes too long without a new lady on his arm.  He always is so loving and compassionate towards me and towards everyone, even when  I painted his nails and dressed him up in our mom’s bra. 

Its always been us, family vacations, battling with babysitters, and me making sure he doesn’t eat a peanut. 

He comes up with the craziest ideas and just blurts them out no matter what we had previously been talking about.  We can be driving along and he will ask me what I want to love about myself when I am old and dying or he will just look over and ask me if I think ants have families like people do.  He has the most beautiful mind and is so creatively and wonderfully weird. 

As he is looking at colleges and thinking about the future all I can do is look back and think about the past.  We almost never fought and he always lets me have the remote, even if I want to watch the Kardashians or something equally terrible. 

I will always remember Saturday afternoons after swim meets riding home and watching Scooby-Doo with him like we had 500 times before and still thinking they were the greatest movies ever made. 

He cheers me on and never lets me get away with being sad. 

He will always take care of me, even when its me supposed to be the other way around.  Who else could help me survive our parents?

Jack is the best bigger little brother anyone could ask for and I am beyond blessed everyday that he is part of my life.  I cannot imagine what I would do without him.  He is truly my other half and the person I was meant to have in my life.  Even though I didn’t choose him, I know that he was chosen for me and I will always have to remember that being his sister was one of God’s greatest gifts to me.

Spoil Your Appetite with Three Mouthwatering Food Blogs


mmmm i am hungry already

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Blogging tends to make us hungry, which explains our tendency to highlight great food blogs. Today, you’re in for a particular treat: three food blogs that serve up gorgeous design on top of mouthwatering creations. Now, if only we could invent a Tasting Widget…


Don’t be alarmed by the site’s name — it’s perfectly safe for work, though probably less so for your keyboard (drool alert!). In this blog, burger-meister Matthew Ramsey unveils a new, groundbreaking masterpiece every week.

PornBurger In case you were wondering, yes, the “buns” are fried mac and cheese.

Each burger-of-the-week gets a playful name — the lobster patty pictured above, for example, is the Mac Daddy, since it’s sandwiched between fried mac and cheese “buns.” Matthew is using the Kiore Moana theme, which offers full-bleed (no pun intended) featured images. That’s how we get to view each gorgeously stacked, perfectly shot creation in all…

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10 things no one told you about joining a sorority

1. RECRUITMENT IS HELL.  Especially in the south.  There is no polite way to describe waking up at 5 am to look you best for 5 mornings in a row and getting to your house at 7 and screaming and singing and having to have your ‘happy happy happy’ face on for the rest of the day.  Its always over 100 degrees and it is always humid.  You will be sweating like a whore in church no matter what.

2. RULES. There are a ton.  Watch what you put on the internet. Always crop out pictures with cups.  Never go to class with wet hair (a rule a frequently break). Don’t wear your letters to the gym unless you look hot. (who looks hot at the gym?) No rubber flip-flops.  No holister and abrocrombie. (thank God) No drinking in your letters. 

3. IT GETS POLITICAL SO WATCH OUT.  During elections, no one is safe.  If your friend is running you should vote for her but what if you have 2 friends running? what if they might not do the best job? what if some girl doesn’t vote for you because y’all liked the same guy?

4. PROFESSORS WILL PRE-JUDGE YOU.  If you and all your sisters walk in on the first day in your letters and all sit together, which of course why wouldn’t you, it is safe to say most teachers will write you off as some sorority stereotype even before you have gone to their office hours and introduced yourself.

5. GETTING A DATE TO A DATE NIGHT IS AWKWARD.  You better be friends with a lot of guys or know someone who is because if you’re not in state or if no one from your high school goes to your university or you live in an all girls dorm, making guy friends is hard.  If you are just super awkward around guys and have no filter like me, trying to find someone to set you up becomes harder and harder.

6. EVERY HOUSE HAS EVERY TYPE OF GIRL.  All the houses have a stereotype of the girls in the house: they’re all crackheads, they’re all rich as shit, they all date in the same fraternity, etc.  But there are druggies in every house, there are rich girls in every house, I mean it is a sorority, and there are girls that will date guys in certain fraternities.  What you should look for during recruitment is a house that has a good mix of all the types of girls.

7. WINE NIGHTS=SISTERHOOD BONDING.  You may not like wine, but you will.  You and your girls will have wine nights for everything: pregaming, broken hearts, celebrating good grades or internships, and even just because you wanted a friggin wine night.  My personal favorite is moscato but really any type and any brand will do. 

8. RITUAL IS A BITCH.  Everyone acts like they don’t know what is happening even if it is something that happens every week.  The songs will be stuck in your head for days after and you probably will never know the pledge all the way through.  You will have the ones you look forward to like engagement ones and the ones you dread a.k.a. the long ones.  Ritual is important and it is what connects you with every sister in your sisterhood, no matter the age and no matter the university.

9. WE HAVE OUR OWN LANGUAGE.  Big/Little. Chapter. Socials. Abrevs. Pins. Initiation. Punch. Listserv.  The House. Norts. GoogleDoc (ok not ours but used daily). GDI (God damn independent aka not a greek).   It really will take a little bit of time to understand everything going on at chapter and being posted on the Facebook page.  You will get it, everyone does, it also makes it very hard to explain anything to a GDI. 

10. YOU WILL NOT LIKE EVERYONE BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS DEFEND THEM.  These girls are your family.  You will fight and you won’t like some of them.  There will be drama but if anyone else dares to comment on the way a sister dresses, how drunk she was dt, or how much of a bitch they think she is, you will and should step in.  Only you get to tease and annoy your siblings and the same goes for your sisters.  If you don’t step in/step up what are you even doing in a sorority any way? They’re your biggest cheerleaders, your DDs, they will hold your hair and rub your back when the bars get the best of you.  And they will never ever question why.